Welcome to the Air21’s WordPress page, a place for you to find out more about the work that this particular organisation does within the telecommunications field, as well as information on its achievements to date, and how the solutions the company offers could benefit your business.

Since launching in 2007, Air21 has grown from a company with three modest but ambitious employees to a multi-national business with a workforce that has trebled in size alongside a 25-strong, award-winning support team. This sustained rise has been in large part due to the success of the company’s innovative predictive dialler system, which Air21 launched in 2010 and upgraded in 2013. The system was set up to maximise efficiency and minimise wastage, which has always been a key aim of any business, but particularly so in the modern era, where technological advancements make this possible. Air21 stepped in to help businesses with its unique telecommunications system so that the companies themselves could focus on the numerous other aspects of running a successful business in the 21st century.

The predictive dialler system works by matching agents who are available with callers phoning the business, as well as knowing the best times to call certain numbers. All of this minimises the time wasted by the business and gives a better experience to customers, who are often reluctant to wait for a period of time before getting through to anyone. The system is entirely cloud-based, meaning that no on-site infrastructure is required to set it up; this saves valuable time and money. To date, The Hospital Group, the National Advice Clinic and Afrasia are three of many companies to have installed the system, which will take advantage of any further technological advancements as the years go on.

Air21 offers a year-long 24/7 support service – online as well as over the phone – and won the European Support Team of the Year award in 2013, before reaching the final again the following year. In a world where cyber-security is a constantly growing concern, Air21 ensures that all its systems are formatted with multiple levels of security and compliant with global regulations.


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